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  1. Je voudrais is preferable in social contexts such as in a restaurant, as it is more polite and subtle than the blunt je veux (just like in English). [Note that j'aimerais (I would like) is also very commonly used in more polite contexts.] Grammar point: Je veux is in Le Présent tense (I want), whereas je voudrais is in Le Conditionnel (I would.
  2. Feb 08,  · From what I have learnt in school, "Je veux" is French for "I want", whereas "Je voudrais" is French for "I would like". I was also told that the latter is more polite. I have a feeling though that "voudrais" is in the conditional mood, hence why there is "would" in the translation to English.
  3. Je voudrais simplement présenter quelques informations.: I would like to just give a few pieces of information.: Je voudrais souligner plusieurs matières particulièrement importantes.: There are several particularly important areas which I would like to point out specifically.: Je voudrais revenir sur quelques points.: I want to deal with a few points.: Je voudrais également parler.
  4. English Translation of “voudrais” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. Over , English translations of French words and phrases.
  5. Mais je voudrais également manifester certaines préoccupations concernant les limitations économiques. However, I would also like to express certain concerns with regard to .
  6. Je voudrais un tasse de thė - I would like a cup of tea, Je voudrais un chocolat chaud - I would like a hot chocolate, Je voudrais un chou - I would like a cabbage, Je voudrais les fraises - I would like some strawberries, Je voudrais une glâce - I would like an icecream, Je voudrais du fromage - I would like some cheese, Je voudrais un gâteau - I would like a cake, Je voudrais des frites.
  7. Je voudrais revenir sur ces substances nuisibles et dangereuses. I would like to return to these harmful, hazardous substances. Je voudrais enfin recommander les dix-huit amendements.
  8. French Donc, je suis ici, je voudrais bien voter, j'ai ma carte, mais elle ne fonctionne plus. more_vert open_in_new Link to source.

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